With our machines we can work with all kind of metal material. Our skills and working force deliver the ordered items to the clients. The machines can check, install and maintain our products as well. We are not only producing the point of sales materials, we also manage all processes to create new, complete corporate image.

Our press company makes all kind of printed material for our hungarian and international partners with offset, digital and screen-printing technology. We provide a huge range of printed products like business cards, flyers, leaflets, potters, billboards, catalogues labels and stickers.

Our company has its own factories to produce metal and plastic Point Of Sales materials. We apply the most modern production technology for all materials, e.g., lighting boxes, displays, flags, flagpoles, banners and garlands.

We present on the advertising market with completeness and great value of our selection and wide range of procurement. 11 years of professional experience behind us and above all a well-organized and attentive team take us forward. These properties are valueable and also a guarantee for you and for your customers as well.

We have our contracted manufacturer to produce working clothes with highest quality standards. We provide all necessary working clothes for one of the biggest tyre company in the Central European market.